Some tools used by HplanK

Csound is a powerfull software synthesizer that has been developed by Barry L. Vercoe at the Experimental Music Studio,Media Laboratory, M.I.T.. It is continuously enhanced by the Csound community and is now available on numerous platform. A Csound performance is made of two files: an orchestra file where you describe Instruments using a particular language, and a score file where you describe time based events that trigger Instruments and control the parameters defined for these.

You can find information on Csound by following these links:

VRML97 plug in

If your browser does not support natively VRML 2.0 (VRML97), you can download one from the following sites:

Web3D consortium.

VRML resource? Focus on Web3D: Hundreds of links to VRML sites and homepages, plus chat and bulletin boards

How to play MP3 files

Either your VRML plug-in supports natively mp3 format, or you can succesfully use Cosmo player under W98, at the condition that the full Microsoft Windows Media Player is installed, and is the default player for mp3 files.