Who is HplanK?

  HplanK is a french group of two people Didier Debril and Jean-Pierre Lemoine that was created in 1981 in Lille. Its first realization was a three days live performance for celebrating the 50e birthday of the Lille belfry. This live improvisation was accomplished using analog modular RSF synthesizers, DX7, EMS-AKS and guitar, and was performed near a garden where photographies were projected. Computer usage was already investigated, and Didier wrote music for a theater show, using an Apple II equipped of two Mountain hardware cards.

Today, we continue to explore the association of computers, synthesizers, guitar and images. Didier Debril et Jean-Pierre Lemoine are preparing a musical and visual creation for the commemoration of Alfred Manessier stained glass windows. Didier is creating the musical composition and Jean-Pierre the VRML worlds that will be projected with the music.

Email: Didier,Jean-Pierre.