VRML, immersion in 3D worlds

The VRML specification is powerfull enough for enabling the creation of animated 3D worlds, where sounds are an integrated part. More important is that VRML browsers and personal computers have the capability to accept large sound files, and to mix them in a 3D environment, thus preserving the sound quality. Of course, due to the limited bandwidth, we can only present worlds with small sound files, in fact MP3 files. You can hear the sound only if your VRML Browser support this format (please visit the tools page for more information).

An illustration of 3D sounds, all generated by Csound through the use of HPKComposer 2.2.
Three sound files (mp3) of 256 each
Enhanced HPKComposer 2.2 example, psychedelic quad elevation grid. A mix of Csound sounds and Korg Z1, mp3 files size are 474 Kb and 664 Kb
Made with HPKComposer 2.1 for Csound. mp3 file size is 750 Ko.
Moving textures made with HPKComposer 2.1 or Csound. mp3 file size is 750 Ko.

This is a first simple experience using a short music piece produced with Csound. mp3 file size is 235 Ko


This animation is more complex, involving light effects. mp3 file size is 224 Kb


This world was a prototype done for preparing the Manessier project. mp3 file size is 1524 Ko.