Download HPKComposer

HPKComposer version 2.2 ( June 2000)

Download the 2.2 zip file, and follow the instructions given below. As recent Csound opcodes are used, it is highly recommended to use the latest version of Csound. Don't forget to customize your environment for Csound (particulary the CSSTRNGS variable which is new in the latest versions). The HPKComposer documentation for version 2.2  is here, and the installation instructions are online. What's new?

  • score oscillator generator corrected and enhanced with user defined curve
  • waveshaping module enhanced in HPKSynthe
  • scanned synthesis module in Modular software synthe
  • major new VRML97 generation capabilities
    • 8 Transform nodes, controlling up to 16 objects
    • ElevationGrid node support, mathematical curves are used for generated the surface
    • support of mathematical curves in Interpolators
    • Directional light support
    • mathematicaly generated IndexfaceSet
    • mathematicaly generated IndexLineSet

HPKComposer version 2.1 ( April 2000)

The 2.1 zip file is still online as HPKComposer 2.2 is not able to read 2.1 files . Instructions for installing it as the same as those of  2.2 version.

What's new?

  • the GUI is designed for 1024x768 screen resolution
  • new software synthetizer Modular. Build your own synthetizer using modules that can be connected together. These modules are a large subset of the most high level Csound opcodes.
  • new composition tool Mutli serial segments.
  • randomizer, add random variation at the final stage<
  • new capabilities for VRML97 generation.
    • text node
    • Mutli geometry. Generate collection of elements that can be individually modified.
    • Animated textures Nodes. Geometry nodes where the texture can be modifiied in time
    • texture transform evolution

HPKComposer version 2.0 ( 26 September 1999)

As files produced by version 2.0 cannot be read by version 2.1, here is the 2.0 zip file.


Before downloading the zip file, check you have the following software:

  • Java Development Kit version 1.1.6 or later, or Java Runtime Environment version 1.1.6 or later, and the Java Foundation Classes, Swing components version 1.1 beta 3. This is the minimum required level.

  • or the Java Development Kit version 1.2, that includes the Swing components and lets the installation of HPKComposer easier. I recommend it If available on your platform.

  • Csound compiler at 3.50 minimum level (see Tools).

All the Java software can be found at the Javasoft site.

You will also need an external sound player, your preferred one! If you want to build 3D worlds, you also need a browser with a VRML97 plug-in (see Tools).

After downloading the distribution file, unpack it in a directory of your choice, and follow the installation instructions by browsing the file installation.html .