HPKComposer, a 3D Art composition tool for Csound


HPKComposer is a GUI tool for building sound compositions, and for building 3D worlds where   graphical object evolutions can follow those of the sounds. Another feature is to make possible user interaction using MIDI devices, either for controlling the 3D graphical objects or the sound parameters.

The core of HPKComposer are a score composition tool driving a software synthetizer, and a 3D world builder tool that maps evolutions defined in the score composition tool to graphical object parameters evolutions.

HPKComposer is an authoring tool that generate files wihch are compiled or interpreted by external existing programs. The sound generation is made using Csound, a powerfull score driven synthesis language, and the 3D world description is VRML97, an ISO language developped for delivering 3D content on Internet. Thus, the runtime environment is an Internet browser with a VRML97 plug-in, or a specific application writen to handle MIDI interactions with VRML objects. It is important to note that this is an evolving project very dependent on available technology, and hardware capabilities. So far it has been possible to achieve interesting results and the future is promising (MPEG-4, hardware evolution and support), the ultimate goal being to dynamicly interact with sound synthesis at runtime.

HPKComposer is written in Java, thus it may run in a lot of operating systems. For now it has been tested on Windows95/98/NT and Linux. In some environments, it can only be used as a sound composition tool, because of the lack of VRML97 browser.

Here is the documentation (as complete as possible, but time is lacking...) 

These sound generators have been built using the contributions of many Csounders that share their knowledge and experience. Discover some of them in the tools section.